Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sunday Session #6

~ Outfit Details ~ 

White Crochet Vest - H&M
Navy Striped Shorts - H&M
Key Pendant - My Own Design
Floral Headband - Primark
Patent Loafers - Priceless Shoes
Vintage Tapestry Bag - Thrifted

...This week I have..

Loved...I'm going to be honest here and say I haven't loved much this week, things have been pretty rubbish lately, but I do love and appreciate how supportive my boyfriend has been.
Loathed...having to return most of the things I bought last week :( new face; aka a massive make-up overall, and I have a big beauty review coming up soon to prove it.
Eaten...tapas, I cooked a lovely tapas dinner for some friends earlier in the week. I've also only just realised I haven't mentioned my addiction to Rice Krispies Squares, has anyone else tried them?, home, work, home, work, home....
Listened to...some old Libertines and Biffy Clyro.
Been reading...the latest glamour, whilst fauning over my free benefit goodies.
Felt Inspired lack of money. I've had a huge clothing overhall, imposed a strict shopping ban and am in to process of listing on eBay anything that doesn't suit me or I haven't worn in the last few months.
Been wishing for...a big pay rise. my act together eBay wise (well I've made a start), I currently have 28 listings all starting at just 99p so make sure you take a look (10% discount to all followers).
Discovered...that I do not fair well spending a whole weekend alone, by last night I was suffering from some serious cabin fever :(

Thank you for all the well wishes towards my Grandad, he is doing much better now and was released from hospital yesterday :D