Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspiration of the Week: Balmain RTW Spring Summer 2010 Collection

I don't know, maybe I'm getting a bit tired of nudes, pastels and ruffles, and I'm rebelling and being a bit of a badass boy. But I love Balmain's Ready To Wear collection for S/S 2011.
Don't get me wrong I love being a girly-girl and wearing pretty skirts and dress, and we've seen the rock chick look a million times before, but I really hope ripped shorts, graffiti t's
and amazing studded leather jackets are filtering down into the shops.

I know in a million years I'd never be able to fit my leg into one of these pairs of shorts, let alone afford them. But it doesn't stop me rocking the look like its right off the catwalk, and with the trend of 'handicraft', a term I've seen being batted around, it might be cheaper, and more ethical to make my own clothes.

Im also a fan of the models minimalistic hair and make up, as the clothes are so "LOOK AT ME" it adds this air of chic-ness that makes the fashion serious, and not over the top.

Here are my favourite three looks from their collection

My favourites the last one, I love the lace up boots, ripped up shorts and red jacket combo.

Anyway here's what I would wear atm, taking inspiration from Balmain:

Obvs would need to be bejazzled, and studded and I heard if you sandpaper leather it makes the jacket look worn. The Jackets by South @Very.co.uk.

Again these shorts would need cutting and ripping for the rock look, but I love the high waisted style of them.The shorts are by Inspire@ New Look.

Oh but these boots are perfect, no need for adjustment, at all. From Topshop.

Do you like any spring summer 2011 collections?