Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inspiration of the Week: Nicola Roberts

The second of my new features is 'Weekly Inspiration'. I will aim to post pictures of someone, or something that inspires me and will hopefully inspire you too, this week it's the beautiful and talented Nicola Roberts.

I'd really like to try and avoid the usual Alexa, Zoe, Olivia inspiration posts and although I don't think Nicola Roberts' rise to fame in the style stakes has gone un-noticed, she's not quite as constantly in your face as Alexa Chung. Don't get me wrong I love Alexa, but I'd just like to see something a little different.

I have to admit I have a real style crush on red heads with paler than pale skin in striking red lipstick at the moment, especially this season with all the gorgeous Autumn colours to compliment the complexion.

It's funny to think that just a couple of years ago Nicola Roberts was the 'ugly duckling' of girls aloud, constantly trying to compete with the other girls, and to her detriment I think. Now she's in her element and I'd much rather have her wardrobe than any of the other members of Girls Aloud (don't even get me started on Cheryl Cole being top of the best dressed list in the majority of so called 'style' magazines).

What are your thoughts on Nicola's style?

Last but not least, here are some other lovely flame haired beauties to feast your eyes upon.