Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Week in Pictures...#2

This week hasn't been quite as eventful as last week, work has been pretty dull lately, so I decided to use some 'down-time' to decorate (I'm not sure that's the best word) my desk. I transferred all my pens and pencils into pretty little tins, and paper clips and staples into vintage saucers, I pinned up some nice pictures and took in my vintage china tea cup and saucer, they don't match, but I think that makes me like them even more, and there's nothing like a cup of tea in a real tea cup.

I decided to colour my hair this week, nothing exciting, just a root touch-up really, but I accidentally dyed three of my fingers brown, so for the first time in ages I decided to paint my nails. I very rarely paint my nails as I don't have the patience or very steady hands, and to be honest I usually end up chipping them before the day is out so I don't see the point. I do love this colour though and have resolved to paint my nails more.

 I also picked up my new glasses this week.They are supposed to be tortoiseshell, but they look more black in reality which I was a little bit disappointed with, but overall I'm pretty happy with the style.
(Frames from Specsavers 'Toby' - £69)

Lastly, I thought I'd share a picture of my night out on Friday. It was another great night with great friends, we just went to a few bars and didn't stay out too late, so I felt fresh enough in the morning to get up and spend some quality time with the boy.

What did you guys get up to this week?