Monday, January 24, 2011

My Week in Pictures...#3

Black lace blouse - eBay -£2.99 , White lace blouse - eBay - 99p, Navy Leather handbag - Vintage - £4.99

Happy Monday Everyone!

I thought I would start this weeks picture post with a sneak peak at some of my recent thrifty finds, both the black and white lace blouses are from eBay, and the navy leather handbag is from a local charity shop. I plan to wear the lace blouses with high waisted skirts, buttoned up to the collar with a little broach a'la Nicola Roberts in my previous post (bottom left).

Nom Nom Nom!

I have been incredibly busy this past week, with not one but two lovely meals at various friends houses, the second of which is the story behind these pictures. We feasted on this a-m-a-z-i-n-g Lasagne, garlic bread and copious amounts of red wine, and finished the night with the 'post-it on your forehead game' (even having googled it, that was the best name it came up with).

Doesn't he look cute in this jumper...

For those of you who don't know how to play the 'post-it on your forehead' game; basically you get some post-its or masking tape and write the name of a famous person or character on it, you then stick it to a persons head. Do this for everyone in the group (thinking of a different character for each). Once you have finished laughing at the names on your friends heads, each person should ask three yes/no questions in order to figure out who they are. This is repeated around the circle until everyone guesses who they are.

Nick; The loser in both games.

I won the first game and came third in the second game (for those of you who are interested I was Justin Bieber and Stella McCartney). It was an absolutely hilarious night, there really is nothing quite like great old-fashioned silly games.

(Outfit details: Fur Coat - Vintage - Gift, Polka dot blouse - Thrifted - £3.50, Faux Leather Skirt - H&M - £14.99)

I had my usual Friday night out with the girls, and this is what I wore. I really wasn't feeling great though so didn't stay out too long, but it at least I got to wear my new leather skirt from H&M

Yesterday I decided to finally tidy my room and hang-up all the clothes that are randomly hanging on my cross trainer, strewn across the floor, piled on various chairs or thrown in the washing basket. The above picture is one of my two wardrobes that are now completely full and I still have a lot more to fit in them (eek!) I have no room for another wardrobe, so I need to decide what I should put in my drawers and what should stay in my wardrobe (I tend to forget things in my drawers). Any suggestions?

I think I have rambled on quite enough now, but I'll be back later this week with an outfit post, an eBay shop update and more details on these amazing patent tasselled loafers, that were a steal at only £17.
I hope you've all had a great week.