Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beauty on a Budget

Hey guys. Today I went to a local market, and I picked up some good stuff. I got 5 pieces of brand new makeup - $8 (some cheap & crappy, others nice brands, but sometimes it's fun to use cheap stuff once in a while! - obviously not everyday, though..) I also got a brand new cheap brush - $2, and two pairs of earrings made by a lady named Sarah Miller, who makes jewelry and other cute things by the name of "Strawberry Swirls" -$8.

I also found some brand new distressed denim shorts from Supre, which I thought will be good with tights for winter -$6. All of this together = $24!

Yeah, you read it right. I was pretty happy with my bargains. Now go get into your local market and see what you can find. :) (Sorry about the picture, you can't really see the makeup properly, but click the pic to see it full size!)