Saturday, April 16, 2011


Everyone has it, most of us hate our own, other times we love it. But it's a pain to take care of. We straighten it, curl it, blow-dry it, dye it, crimp it, cut it, and.. damage it. Everyone has had damaged hair once in their lifes, and let's face it, it's not pretty. It goes dry, limp, course, and ugly. But how can you prevent it, but still straighten it and do all the things you love to it? It's honestly not that hard!

Left: Supermodel-product-amazing-buy-our-brand-and-your-hair-will-look-like-this hair (obviously photoshopped. Sorry to tell you, but getting hair like this, pretty much impossible!)

Taking care of hair will mean you're going to have to cut down on some of your fave things to do to it, that means try not to straighten it as often. Straightening and heat (curling irons, blow-drying, etc.) damages your hair, it dries it out and usually makes it look pretty nasty if you use heat on your hair, say, everyday. So step number one: no more heat! Unless, you use a heat protection spray, and only straighten your hair 1-3 times a week. I use Toni & Guy Iron-It Heat Defence Spray (A), that helps protects my hair from heat.

Next step: Cut down on washing your hair with shampoo. I know that might seem gross, but shampoo strips the natural oils out of your hair, and natural oils are what you need to have silky, soft, beautiful hair. Obviously too much natural oils turns your hair too oily, so it depends on what type of hair you have to really say how often you should wash it. For example, my hair is quite dry naturally, plus I straighten it about 3 times a week, so I only need to wash my hair with shampoo once a week! When you do use shampoo, use a natural one. I use Organic Care Normal Balance Shampoo (D) and Conditinor (C). Also, every night after I get out of the shower, and my hair is still wet, I put VO5 Silk Serum (B) through it. It's an awesome product that I have been using for one whole year now, every single night, and I still have the same bottle! (hence the dodgy-looking bottle in the picture). It keeps my hair silky and moisturized, and also adds a little bit more protection against heat irons.
Bye bye for now, and I hope this helped in one way or another.