Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LOVE: Red!

Here in Australia, it’s getting pretty close to winter, and that means cold! As neutral colors are really in at the moment, you will probably be wearing a lot of grays, creams, browns and blacks. Even though they look great – don’t let your winter wardrobe get too boring, and add a bit of color to your outfit! Red is a super cute color that goes great with anything. You can dress red up or down and the current red accessories and clothes are so adorable. Get looking for things such as berets, bangles, necklaces, hair pins and other pieces that will look great with any outfit.

A) Ribbon Wrapped Necklace – Diva (AU $16.99)
B) Drop Feather Earrings – eQUIP (AU $9.99)
C) Annabel Frame Sling, Cherry – Sportsgirl (AU $29.95)
D) Rolled Beret, Fire – Dotti (AU $19.95)  
E) Red Layer Flower Ring – Diva (AU $9.99)