Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easy-Peasey Bunting

I've wanted some bunting for bloomin ages and have been meaning to get my act together and sew some for almost as long. I've always been reluctant to buy any considering the stupid prices they charge for a few bits of fabric sewn together, so when I saw a post titled 'no-sew bunting' on Gem Fatale's Style Blog I was so excited I set out to buy the necessities right away.

What you'll need...

~ Patterned Paper (wrapping  paper/wall paper/magazine cuttings/fabric)
~ Thin Card (old birthday cards/cereal boxes)
~ String/Ribbon
~ Glue
~ Scissors
~ Hole Punch

1. Firstly, cut out as many triangle shapes as you'd like with the card then cover the triangle in glue on one side and stick to the patterned paper, then cover the top side of the triangle with glue and wrap the patterned paper over it. Trim the edges back into a triangle shape. Repeat as necessary. 

2. Use a hole punch to make two holes in the top of  each triangle.

3. Once you have covered and prepared all your triangles, thread the string/ribbon through the holes, double loop to secure each triangle in place. I spaced each triangle round three inches apart.

(Wrapping paper from Clinton Cards and The Book Cafe)

Happy Bunting Making!

 As I mentioned above, I mostly followed Gem's tips, but with a few minor alterations. You can see the original post here along with lots of other inspirational DIY Tips.