Sunday, May 29, 2011


Be it red hair, blond hair, short, curly or long hairstyles, Rihanna has been fashionably blessed with great taste when it comes to her multiple looks, or at least her stylists have. Over the years, while her music and clothing style has changed frequently, Rihanna's hairstyles have been the most influential to young girls aspiring to be just as fun and funky. Here are only a few of our favorite Rihanna looks.

On upper left, Rihanna shocked everyone with her then newly partially shaved hairstyle. The look that cameras captured was soon seen on the heads of many and the young artist had once again left her fashion mark.

In earlier times, Rihanna went short with a sexy style that matured her look and really showed that she was not just a pretty face and great voice.

An updo hairstyle of wavy curls adorn the head of this beauty and over sized earrings are the attention getter of this look. When you have a hairstyle this short, you can afford to make everything on you bigger.

This is one of my favorite Rihanna looks; a straight medium hairstyle that gives her the all American girl next door look.

This brown long hairstyle is a perfect look for straight hair. A great straightening iron, anti frizz products and a setting spray could create a great look like this on you too.

Gotta love a long curly hairstyle. When Rihanna first started becoming popular, her hairstyle was much like this; long and curly. It is a hairstyle that never seems to go out of style as long as the hair is healthy.