Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shop 'till I Drop

(Cardigan - New Look, Stripey Vest - H&M, Floral Oversized Crop Top - Thrifted, Black Satchel - Primark, Floral Shorts - Matalan [Sale], Lace Blouse and Black Mini Skirt - Both H&M)

It's been a little while since my last post, and to be totally honest I haven't had a great week. Things have been pretty rough at home and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. However, like many women, when I'm upset I like to shop, and looking back at these pictures, I think you can see, I've been pretty darn upset.

(As above plus Crochet T-Shirt - Thrifted, Sleeveless Blouse - eBay, Floral Midi Skirt - Thrifted, Tapestry Handbag - Thrifted)

I actually purchased lots of lovely vintage pieces for my eBay Shop (coming soon) and treated myself to a few 'essentials' (I really did need all these things). I've really wanted the New Look cardigan since it came instore, but had been looking around hoping to find a cheaper alternative. I failed, and gave in to temptation and bought it anyway.

I've really gotten into painting my nails recently (and have like a million pictures to prove it) and I've wanted the Barry M Nail Effects polish for ages, so I finally got around to buying it along with a few pretty coloured polishes to try with it (FYI: Boots are currently offering two Barry M polishes for £5 including Nail Effects).

I found this little beauty hiding amongst the books and bric a brac in a local charity shop,  I grabbed it as soon as I saw it (mine!) and currently have it stacked on top of my tweed suitcase with my favourite shoes displayed across them.

More new rings. All from H&M except the scrabble ring that was from eBay. I really couldn't decide between the coral and the turquoise ring, so I had to get both, is that really bad? I think I may have an addiction to rings at the moment (eek!).

Last but certainly not least, as promised, my little teapot and crochet blanket, both donated to me by lovely family members. I've also finally found the perfect tea set. I can't wait to show it to you when I get around to taking some pretty pictures.

In conclusion, I've decided being sad either makes me really good a thrift shopping or I've had an incredibly lucky week with all my finds. I'll leave you to ponder over that one...

As usual, I hope you're all enjoying the week so far, only two days till the weekend!


p.s You may notice I've changed the design of my blog again for about the millionth time, but I'm really happy with it this time so I think I'll stick with it. What do you think?

p.p.s I'm selling lots of 'bundles' on eBay (handbags, scarfs, make-up, clothing all in lots) starting from just 99p. Worth a peek if you're looking for a super bargain.