Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back in Black

Well hello there, long time no see.

It's been over a month since my last post, and what's worse is that I've actually had photos lined up and ready to post, only I didn't really like any of them, in the end I edited these pictures using a 'vignette' effect from Picnik, I'm still not sure I really like them though.

My inner perfectionist isn't the only reason I haven't posted for a while, I guess I've been busy enjoying the sunshine and living life, reading, working through my sewing pile and yet more shopping. I've not really been feeling myself recently so I've been busying myself with exciting things.

I have so many photo's and ideas for future posts and I'd really like to keep up a momentum now because I do love this blog and blogging in general. I've missed visiting everyone else's blogs, but when I have it just made me feel guilty and disappointed in myself for neglecting my own blog.

Anyway enough with the melodramatics. I here by promise to put more effort into this blog from now on, like I said I have a lot of inspiration for future posts and even a giveaway coming up so if you're not too bored of my sombre ramblings I'd love to hear from you.

~ Outfit Details ~

Black fit and flare Dress - Primark 
Vintage Blouse (under dress) - Thrifted 
Black Felt Boater - Claires Accessories
Vintage Satchel - Thrifted
Navy Trench Coat - Primark
Tan Loafers - Primark
Turquoise ring - H&M
Other rings - Miss Selfridge
Check Scarf - Thrifted

I took these pictures quite a while ago now, when the weather was much cooler, but I really love this outfit, I love how the dress fits and I think I've finally found a hat that kind of suits me. What do you think?