Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LOVE: Winter Denim

 Denim is so cute at the moment, and winter is just around the corner, so it keeps you warm! Pair it with black and white striped shirt and chunky gold jewelry. Now see B? I'm so in love! Would go perfectly with some ripped tights and some Brogues. Sad thing is, they don't have a Chica Booti where I live - and there's no Chica Booti online store! Screeeeam. :(
A) Denim A-Line Button Skirt - Dotti ($19.95)
B) High-Waisted Shorts - Chica Booti ($25.99)
C) Denim Jacket - Valleygirl ($39.95)
D) Flash Garage Wash Tube Jeans - Dotti ($69.95)