Tuesday, April 19, 2011

USA: Beautiful Blue Like the Glee Girls!

Hey everyone! So some of you might know that three gorgeous Glee girlies (Lea Michele, Amber Riley & Diana Agron) did a photo shoot with Marie Claire for the May 2011 issue, and they all look stunning in three different shaped dresses, but they were all the same almost cobalt blue colour. Now I think this just looks so stunning, and as the three ladies demonstrated, it goes perfectly with every single skin tone and hair colour. I've found three beautiful dresses - obviously not the same, but close and have the same effect. Even Aussies could currently wear this colour - and I know I have a few cardigans that are the same colour that I'm pairing with jeans. I just think it's such a timeless look and really is beautiful. Also - just quickly, I know I told you guys that I had a 70's makeup looks coming on Monday, obviously it's not up yet, and I'm sorry about that but I've had a cold & haven't been able to do it, but I will do it asap! And just one more thing - I'm going to be (hopefully) making Youtube videos soon! Yay! :) Click here to find out more about the Glee shoot for Marie Claire!
A) Pleated Dress in Cobalt Blue - dELiAs (US $49.50)
B) Dress, in Blue - H&M (US $24.95)
C) Open-Cut One Shoulder Dress - Charlotte Russe (US $26.99)

Thanks guys. xxx Oh and by the way, GO TO THE CHAT BOX ON THE RIGHT! Leave me feedback or requests there! I would LOVE to do requests! Mwaaah ♥